Thanks to my connections and prior collaborations at Disney, I had the privilege of taking on the exciting project of redesigning and rebuilding Upon securing the contract through a competitive proposal process, our team embarked on the ambitious task of reimagining the website and migrating all existing content from Drupal 6 to a more dynamic Drupal 7 platform.
I wore multiple hats in this venture, serving as both Creative Director and Lead Designer. My journey began with crafting the winning proposal, where I outlined the creative and technical vision that ultimately secured the contract. Once the project was underway, we collaborated closely with the client across multiple internal departments and an information architect to shape the user experience.
My responsibilities extended to hands-on design work as well. I crafted the initial design concepts and then guided a dedicated design team in transforming these concepts into a compelling front-end design. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in assembling the development team and overseeing the project's development phase, working with the project manager to ensure a seamless execution.
This was the first of many projects for the Television Academy, which was challenging, a lot of fun, and always involved lots of collaboration with the Academy team.

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