Since I could move my hands, I’ve been creating things, whether with dirt, crayons, mud, blocks, leftover graphic design supplies from my father’s desk, electronics, building materials, or for the last 23+ years pixels and code. I’m happy to say I am a builder and proud to say I strive to build things with a positive impact in this world we are lucky enough to call home.
I’ve been fortunate enough to wear many hats in the digital world of work—from highly immersive visual design and UX to product management and strategy. It's clear that impactful design is not just about what looks good. It’s a balanced equation that involves a deep understanding of user behavior, business strategy, and team collaboration. It’s communication that has to be clear and relevant to the task at hand. That's always the goal no matter the method.
I’ve worked with incredible clients, from scrappy startups to established global brands. Whether planning a new product or launching a digital campaign, my approach has always been grounded in delivering visual excellence and practical results. This philosophy has brought some recognition my way, including a couple of Webby nominations and an honorary mention—which were as much a testament to the talented teams I’ve sought out and worked with as to any individual effort on my part. We can all learn from one another and that's typically when the best work happens.
The awards and accolades are just one part of the story. What fuels me is collaborating with and building teams that can grow together towards a common goal, where the individual fuels the whole, and that whole serves the greater good. Which in turn fuels the individual. I believe that’s the way our world works, or is supposed to work.
As humans, we all strive to improve our lives by accomplishing tasks and pursuing meaningful endeavors. In today's ever-evolving digital world, if you're reading this, I hope we have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to this ongoing narrative. Together, we can create products and experiences that advance important missions, bringing about positive and impactful changes for the people we share this planet with, and having some fun while doing it.
• Product Design / Creative Direction
• User Experience Design & Research
• Testing and Experimentation
• Team Building and Management
• Strategic Vision and Roadmap Planning
• Concept Development
• Iterative Lean Thinking
• Project Management
• Budgeting and Scheduling
• Empathetic
• Open-minded
• Analytical
• Collaborative
• Driven
• Curious
• Adaptable
• Precise
• Entrepreneurial
• Figma
• Sketch
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Pencil, pen and paper
• Too many others to mention, but whatever gets the job done. Or finding the right people who are masters of the tools to get the job done.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dickon for several years on numerous projects. His design skills are remarkable, and his understanding of user experience has been of great benefit to our projects.”
Marc Wade - Executive Producer, Digital, Television Academy
“Dickon delivers the highest end digital design I have ever worked with. Dickon is an exceptionally talented artist, pleasant to work with and quick and responsive. We’ve trusted him with some very high concept materials for advertising and TV campaigns and he delivers beautiful results.”
Bob Soderstrom - CEO, ChangeUp
“Dickon consistently goes above and beyond in delivery of both stunningly beautiful work as well as technically superior work for Paramount Pictures. I look forward to working with Dickon for many years to come.”
Bryan Warman - VP Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures
“Dickon displayed amazing thoughtfulness, deliberation and output of work. Very high quality thinking all the way from concept to full fledged designs. Challenged a lot of our internal thinking and made us better all around. I was very impressed and am looking forward to an opportunity to work together with again!”
Andrew Boylan - Director of Product, CarAdvise
“Dickon is what I would refer to as a Creative Director/Web Designing savant. In my years of working with a variety of people within the world of entertainment, he has continuously blown me away with his meticulous work. With numerous projects on his plate at any given time, I can always count on Dickon to come through for me and deliver the requested item(s) on time, within budget and frequently going above and beyond the intended scope. It is my pleasure knowing that I get the privilege to work with someone of true character and creativity…Thanks Dickon!“
Josh Lawson - SVP - International Digital Marketing, Sony Pictures Entertainment
An oldie but goodie. My 2012 TEDx Talk in Albuquerque NM.
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