Throughout my tenure at ChangeUp, I've been collaborating on projects that are forging the company's digital landscape. These initiatives redefine how ChangeUp engages with technology platforms, commerce, and payment solutions.
I've worked on diverse, multifaceted projects that have spanned the spectrum from designing highly efficient and user-centric systems to supporting significant marketing endeavors for clients and technology partners. Additionally, I've focused on streamlining internal processes, all with a common thread of advancing donation technology for enterprise customers.
As a Senior Product Designer and UX Strategist, I've conducted research, led design initiatives, managed branding efforts, and executed design production for both mobile and web applications. From initial ideation and concept development to the creation of high-fidelity designs and documentation, I've overseen the entire design journey, implementing the groundwork to build a company-wide design system.
My approach to these projects has been grounded in research, alignment with the company's strategic direction, and understanding user needs. I've fostered a culture of collaboration that extends across the organization, ensuring optimal efficiency. This collaborative spirit has led to adopting agile design methodologies, often requiring me to wear multiple hats. I've worked closely with diverse stakeholders, including developers, project managers, the CEO, CTO, partners, and prospective clients. Sometimes scrappy and fast-paced, but always with the end user and final product in mind.
As the Sr. Product Designer at ChangeUp, I spearheaded the design and prototyping of the Donation Management System (DMS). This innovative system leveraged the existing ChangeUp API's and utilized a React front-end to build, configure, and deploy donate-at-checkout smart widgets. The system also featured a comprehensive analytics reporting suite. My role was pivotal in creating a user-friendly and efficient donation process for users and clients.
Wireframing, prototypes, and high-fidelity wireframes were all developed in Figma.
Once the widget is created there is a built-in preview (shown here) to allow users to quickly see how the module would appear either on mobile or desktop commerce layouts. This was built to enable commerce and marketing teams to share this internally so they could more easily get buy-in before pushing campaign changes to production environments.
The Admin side of the DMS allows for complete control of the system and all accounts, including managing tens of thousands of 501c3 non-profit organizations. This screen is the charity management view where updating information is clear and efficient.
ChangeUp has powerful APIs that are the engine for many donation tools. One such instance during the global pandemic was the Mastercard Donate mobile app. As the Senior Product Designer I created the UX/UI for this app following some stringent security and accessibility requirements from Mastercard.
At ChangeUp, I played a pivotal role in developing our Salesforce Certified cartridge on the B2C Commerce platform. My primary responsibility was designing and continually enhancing the control panel's user interface (UI) integrated into Salesforce's admin controls.
This control panel received significant acclaim from Salesforce integration teams for its user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal. It's been frequently noted as one of the most intuitive and visually pleasing control panels within the Salesforce ecosystem.
Our deliberate focus on creating an easy-to-navigate interface was guided by thorough research. We aimed to empower non-technical users to seamlessly manage tasks like swapping out charities and updating donation messaging within the Donate-at-Checkout modules. This approach streamlines operations and ensures a delightful user experience, setting a new standard for Salesforce control panels.
I spearheaded the wireframing and designing a donation app tailored for Discord, leveraging the robust ChangeUp APIs. Although I was unfamiliar with Discord at the project's outset, I swiftly familiarized myself with the platform's slash command methods, which trigger bots. My objective was to ensure a seamless user experience from the moment users accessed the donation UI, facilitating quick and effortless donation payments within just a few clicks.

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