Kohmee is a dedicated recipe and menu management system designed to cater to culinary professionals. This innovative platform serves as a private recipe database, offering users the ability to add, edit, catalog, organize, and share recipes and menus effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface accessible via the web, Kohmee centralizes users' recipe libraries, making it an ideal solution for chefs, mixologists, cooks, and anyone managing a growing catalog over time.
The Kohmee project aimed to create a versatile recipe and menu management system, revolutionizing how culinary professionals and businesses organize and utilize their culinary creations. The goal was to transform initial UI concepts stored in a primary Filemaker database into a comprehensive, intuitive, and web-accessible platform. This platform would not only facilitate recipe creation but also streamline cataloging across diverse culinary enterprises such as hotels, restaurant chains, and catering companies.
As the sole UX/UI designer for Kohmee during its startup phase, my role was instrumental in shaping the platform's user experience and interface. I took the initiative to translate rough UI concepts into a functional and user-friendly design. This involved creating an intuitive interface for recipe creation and devising an efficient system for cataloging recipes and menus across a variety of businesses. Additionally, I developed a functioning prototype of the wireframe and crafted user personas to guide the design process.
User Personas: To ensure that the design resonated with culinary professionals and met their specific needs, I crafted user personas. These personas represented various user profiles, guiding design decisions by considering the preferences and requirements of potential users.

Wireframing and Prototyping: The project continued with wireframing to outline the platform's structure and functionality. Subsequently, I developed a functioning prototype from these wireframes, providing stakeholders with an interactive preview of the platform's ux.
Iterative Design: The design process followed an iterative approach with the company founders who were both professional chefs, and incorporating user feedback and refining the UI to enhance usability and functionality.
UI Development: I transformed wireframes and prototypes into a polished user interface, focusing on creating an intuitive, responsive environment for recipe and menu management.
Cross-Platform Accessibility: Ensured the platform was accessible across multiple devices, including desktop computers and mobile devices, allowing users to access their recipe libraries from anywhere.
This project was about designing a functional platform and revolutionizing how culinary professionals manage their recipes and menus.

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