In 2016, my team and I embarked on a groundbreaking project to rebuild the Television Academy's Nominations Platform. This ambitious endeavor involved a comprehensive redesign and development effort that redefined how Emmy nominations and awards were submitted and managed. My role in this multifaceted project encompassed requirements gathering, design, UX/UI development, wireframing, prototyping, and project management.
The objective was crystal clear: reimagine the Television Academy's Nominations Platform to provide a seamless and efficient experience for two distinct user groups. On one side, we aimed to simplify the process for content creators and industry professionals submitting their work for Emmy nominations and awards. Simultaneously, we sought to empower the Administrative team at the Television Academy with robust tools for applicant management, category administration, member administration, financial management of fees, and the orchestration of final results.
We started with thorough requirements gathering, setting the foundation for the subsequent design and development phases. I led the design effort, which included crafting wireframes and prototypes that served as the project's blueprint. Using Sketch for wireframes and designs and InVision for prototyping, I oversaw the creation of a dynamic platform that catered to both submitters and administrators. My responsibilities extended to project management, where I guided the team through various stages, ensuring alignment with the project's goals and user's needs. Because there were so many audiences for this application, there was a lot of information and functionality to pack into the flows and stories that needed to be turned into functionality.
After extensive requirements gathering, user interviews, documentation, and validation, I transitioned into the wireframing and prototyping phase. This phase served as a crucial sign-off point, setting the stage for the final UI design. Once the prototype garnered approval, I led the design team in the creation of the UI, providing guidance and direction. This UI, designed to meet the project's objectives, served as the foundation for the development team's implementation. Throughout the project's lifecycle, I maintained close collaboration with the engineers and the client, ensuring a successful phased launch, which was just in time for the nominations window in the spring.
The Television Academy's Nominations Platform transformation allowed for a greater volume of nominations to be submitted the year it launched and was met with tremendously positive feedback. Given all audiences that it had to serve it was quite an accomplishment to design and build. We had a great team and a great partner in the Television Academy to bring this project to light.
Wireframing & Prototyping
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