In this project, I drove efficiencies in film marketing by introducing a custom content management system (CMS) tailored specifically to the industry. Recognizing the need for optimization in creating movie websites, I proposed this innovative concept to several studios, with STX Entertainment emerging as a frontrunner eager to embrace this game-changing approach.
The primary objective was clear: ease the tension on film marketing teams by streamlining the movie website launch process. By developing a custom CMS, we aimed to enable studios to allocate their budgets more effectively toward digital campaigns and other initiatives. This project presented the challenge of conceptualizing and implementing a highly efficient content management system tailored to the unique needs of the film industry without sacrificing quality content and world-class presentation expected by Hollywood.
As the Product Leader and Creative Director behind this project, I took on a multifaceted role. My responsibilities encompassed designing the user experience (UX), crafting wireframes and prototypes, and overseeing a dedicated team of three designers to bring these wireframes to life. Additionally, to save on development costs I designed the administrative interface on top of a pre-existing Bootstrap theme, incorporating HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to ensure seamless functionality.
Drawing on my extensive experience working with major studios like Paramount Pictures, Disney, Fox Movies, NBC Universal, and Warner Brothers, I harnessed my industry knowledge to design a CMS that would revolutionize film marketing. This innovative system has not only streamlined the process but has also allowed studios to expedite the launch of new movie marketing websites, optimizing their budget allocation for impactful digital campaigns and other strategic initiatives.
The STX Content Management System enabled the studio to cut the production cost of film marketing sites by 75% and we were able to launch new sites in days instead of weeks or months. The system was successfully deployed in the US and UK markets. Technically we built one platform and had a simple configuration file that controlled the differences between the two regions to keep everything easy to maintain from a single code base.
The whole system was prototyped with theatrical and home entertainment specific marketing features built in that could be reused on any title release.
To help communicate the STX stakeholders how the technical infrastructure would support the system I created this simple overview map to ensure their server management team was on the same page as we were.
When creating or updating the movie sites users had options to push content to a Staging or Production environment. This was critical because of the approval processes required before pushing any of this sensitive content out to the public.
Each template could be customized to completely match the individual brand of the film.
A fully responsive front-end on top of the custom CMS enabled launching new websites in hours instead of weeks, or even months.

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