CarAdvise, a solution designed to simplify the complexities of vehicle maintenance for individuals and fleet owners alike, presented a unique set of challenges and opportunities. My involvement in this project encompassed various critical phases:
I initiated the process by conducting in-depth interviews with both customers and stakeholders. These insightful conversations provided valuable inputs that became the foundation for developing an intuitive UX/UI for the responsive web application.
To bring clarity and visual coherence to the project, I crafted a functional prototype of the application. This prototype served as a dynamic visualization of the user journey, allowing for early testing and validation of design concepts.
In order to craft a user-centric experience, I developed user personas and scenarios. These personas were based on a deep understanding of the needs, pain points, and objectives of CarAdvise's diverse user base. By creating these user profiles and envisioning various usage scenarios, I ensured that the design would align seamlessly with real-world user behaviors.
Collaboration with the in-house CarAdvise support team was a key aspect of my research and design process. I closely interacted with the team to gain insights into their daily operations and workflow. This collaborative effort helped bridge the gap between design and practical implementation, ensuring that the application would effectively meet the needs of both customers and support staff.
To gain an even deeper understanding of the CarAdvise service, I personally engaged with it by using the platform for my own vehicle. This hands-on approach allowed me to identify pain points and success factors from a user's perspective, enriching my insights into the service's intricacies.
In essence, my work on CarAdvise was characterized by a holistic approach that blended user-centered design principles with practical, real-world insights. This comprehensive methodology laid the groundwork for an exceptional responsive web application that not only addresses user needs but also streamlines the maintenance experience for vehicle owners.

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